Ama Asantewa Diaka (Poetra Asantewa) is a rising star of the Ghanaian music and spoken word scene. Based in Accra, her deft lyricism and pointed social critiques, often paired with silky neo-soul beats, has attracted an international following; recently, her work has been presented by the Goethe-Institut Ghana and profiled by the BBC World Service.

After attending OneBeat, a month-long U.S.-based residency and socially-engaged touring program, Ama was inspired to co-found Black Girls Glow, a feminist collective and platform “celebrating African women in the creative arts”. BGG’s first release, Mothers Of Heirs, is a dense and empowering mix tape featuring some of Ghana’s most exciting ascendent front-women and producers, along with standout contributions from Nigeria and Kenya.

Whether tackling intersectional issues like ageism (“Selfie”) and racism (“Black is The Power”), or finding creative twists on the album’s overarching manifesto, resilience and self-reliance of women through community (“Power to Power”, “Mother of Heirs”), the album projects a confident and unified sonic identity for the newly minted collective.

“”Being selected for OneBeat 2016 was an experience that honed my craft and increased my desire to do more with my art… Black Girl Glow aims to raise the profile of female artists locally, regionally and globally by highlighting the brilliant and talented young female artists making waves in the Ghanaian entertainment industry,” Ama told us over email.

“In an industry so dominated by male presence, this platform is important because it is necessary to honor the hard work and dedication that female entertainers put into their art.“

“This project has been successful because of the selfless contribution of countless talented young producers,” Ama added. “Additionally, visual artists, Bright Ackwerh, Papa Oppong and Isaac Opoku also donated original work which was auctioned off at a listening session to fund our first concert. [Black Girls Glow] started like a flicker, but it took an entire creative community to burn the torch.”