Moscow Producer Anton Maskeliade Founds a New Hub for Ascendent Beatmakers

Anton Sergeev (a.k.a. Anton Maskeliade): prolific producer, sound artist and now, educator

Anton Maskeliade is a Moscow-based experimental electronic musician and producer. His distinctive production style and pioneering use of new technologies, such as LEAP Motion, has been praised by The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Ableton and others. We spoke to Anton about his latest project, a training center for aspiring electronic music makers called Maskeliade Music School, partially inspired by his experience at the international music residency OneBeat.

ONEBEAT: Congratulations on opening your school this August. How is Maskeliade Music School different from other programs in Moscow?

ANTON: My school is focused on music as art therapy. Music belongs to everyone. Most people have laptops and can install a free program and start creating any time. It’s not only about making a career in music, it’s about happiness. To hear YOUR song, dance to your beat, hear your vocals — what could be more beautiful?

I’m trying to build a friendly community that will support each other, because often during the creative process you are full of doubts and there should be people around that will support you.
Anton’s live video for “Crown” shows him demonstrating his frenetic production style using motion controllers

What’s been the greatest challenge of starting your own school?

Fear of failing — I was afraid that this was a small niche. But now I see that in a city of 18 million you can always find a group willing to learn each month if you’re a good teacher. In my case, my expectations were exceeded. For now we‘ve sold out on our courses until March 2018.

What is the average skill level of a student starting at your school?

Some of the students have some musical backgrounds (piano school or playing in a rock band) but half of them don’t know anything about music creation. Still, they have the most important thing: a strong enjoyment of music and desire to make it.

One of my first students had zero music education but after the course she sent her tracks to New York label and they released it. Now she’s preparing her first full-length also on foreign label.
Anton and some of the Maskeliade Music School students

As an artist, you’ve been at the forefront of using emerging technologies like LEAP motion. How are you incorporating these technologies into your school?

Sometimes I do advanced classes for skilled producers where we do different activities like ‘spitnpass’ (making 8 tracks in 1 hour) or build generative patches that creates endless music content, with just only 1 button pushed. I also help them preparing their first live sets. During these sessions I tell them about different interesting methods of performing— LEAP motion is a part of this.

One year from now, where do you see the school?

I see it in the hearts of our alumni. And perhaps, if I meet someone really passionate about teaching music, I’ll expand the school. But good teachers are really rare to find.

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