The Segwit”2x” beta, review and thoughts
Luke Dashjr

What kind of double speak is ? Are you some spin off from operation mockingbird ?!?

Just to put you straight:

Segwit = segwit regardsless if do it by a USAF (BIP148, BIP141 or segwit2x)

Bitcoin’s main-chain has always been the longest chain, and that chain has the longest hashrate. This chain is called “BTC” if bitcoin-core is no longer that, their name is BTC-C (C for classic). Please don’t resort to namecalling.

So you say that we should stay on 1mb blocks ? Seriously knock knock anybody how ? you do realize that even without the “2x” part segwit will still go from 1mb to 4mb !!!

Just because you no longer have control over what the longest chain of bitcoin will be does not mean you should try to willfully try to destroy it.

A story comes to mind “cut the child in half”

A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, 25 “Cut the baby in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”

26 “Please don’t kill my son,” the baby’s mother screamed. “Your Majesty, I love him very much, but give him to her. Just don’t kill him.”

The other woman shouted, “Go ahead and cut him in half. Then neither of us will have the baby.”

27 Solomon said, “Don’t kill the baby.” Then he pointed to the first woman, “She is his real mother. Give the baby to her.”

Morale of the story is your not the “real mother” of bitcoin. (PS i am not religious, just making a point)

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