From SONM Investor to SONM IT & Strategy Adviser

I have been active in IT for over a decade as well, and I have been active in crypto since May 2013.

I almost became an ICO investor, because how much SONM failed with the pre-ico and not communicating properly about that and the project, and state of the team.

Than after giving it some time, More and more info became available, which is why, I know understand that it does not have to do with the technical competence of the team but with lots of things around it. I decided to step in again, and(almosted) advised other toe do the same as well.

BUT I am not for the following reasoning:
What bothers me now is that, every time I hear SONM in the news it, their info reads like FLUFF pieces, without critical thought.

When you say things like this:” So I said to the rest of the team that with Igor as CTO I have no doubts that the mission will be accomplished”

My alarm-bells go off, with groundbreaking IT-projects you can never say stuff like that!, in IT things fail for the smallest and most stupid reasons at times, and at other times a brilliant idea just get surpassed by and even more brilliant idea, in doing so the IT-project becomes obsolete.

So If I have anything to ask/add, than please keep your feet on the ground, and don’t go into the hype talk, especially in how magical the IOT and SONM will work together (different article). If this project is more solid than Golum, it will come to light, and so will it’s marketcap with an easy 10x increase in value(that is by simply looking at the current marketcap of Golum)

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