Let’s start rewriting the narrative on labour.

“Right to work."
"Job creator."
"Death tax."
"Empowerment zone."

The anti-worker, generally conservative, pro-wealthy political right has weaseled is way with language incredulously well. We who are in the labour movement are forced on the defensive on labor issues because the other side doesn’t fight fair, starting with the articles of war.

We can start in a small way by simultaneously setting up the true dichotomy of the labour / management conflict.

Wealth is the foundation of great cities and great nations. Bankers, financiers, lawyers, hoarders of capital, they don't make wealth. They might - MIGHT - make jobs.


When we forge steel from iron, we're building wealth.

When we spread asphalt, concrete, stone, we're building wealth.

When we care for the sick, we're building wealth.

When we ensure water is purified and delivered and waste is quickly removed, we're building wealth.

When we spread knowledge, we're building wealth.

Making, fixing, teaching, healing, that's what builds wealth.

We are wealth creators. Unions serve to help and protect wealth creators because there are few other entities that will.

All we ask is that the wealth we create is given in some way to us and not completely stolen by hoarders of capital.

img: haymarket riot, Chicago, 1886

every heart is a binding contact that you’ll job the revolutionary cause. comment and criticism is welcome, but I do reserve the right to trickle down on you.

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