Productivity Theory

Most people struggle to stay productive for an extended period of time, and one of the reasons for this is that they are not organized enough. If most of your time is sent in locating files and finding the right information then that is a really bad situation which also contributes in slowing you down. This is applied to your workspace around you and your computer.

One of the biggest reasons for reduced productivity in people is that they are surrounded by distractions. These range from the pestering notification on your phone to the anxiety causing result of a match going on to that fly that keeps drifting in front of you. To become productive, we must under all circumstances eliminate or at least minimize these distractions.

Distractions are even more problematic in the online world. You play a two minute YouTube video just to get into the mood for work and just at the end of it you see another that demands your attention. You find something in those videos that you did not understand and Google it to find out more. You become fascinated by the revelation and decide to dissect it even further.

You finally decide to get to work but receive an important email, and as you go to the window to reply to it, you find an email from your favorite brand informing you of a sale… do you get where this is going?

Before you even realize, you’ve lost 4 hours and you haven’t even started the job that you were supposed to do. This may seem exaggerated, but it is in all honesty a very common occurrence, owing to the faster internet and more attractive marketing techniques used by websites; and so you become warped into this cycle of chaos and calamity, unable to pull yourself out.

Distractions are not only limited to the internet, or for that matter, technology. Distractions could also be in the form of family or friends. They could call you and start contemplating about life or only just to mess with you. This may seem like a bit but wastes large chunks of time as well as breaking your momentum.

So the question arises, how does a person increase their productivity? There are many ways to do that. The truth is that focus is really important for you to be right on the edge of success. So here we shall help you with some tips on how to remain productive.

Early Bird

Working in the morning is very beneficial as your mind is stimulated and you can garner more focus. So being an early bird is a very effective alternative.

· Eliminate Distractions

Eliminating the problem is a good way to maintain your focus and momentum. So it would be wise to switch you phone on airplane mode to avoid getting any notification from online or otherwise.


Having someone else do a task if you are not up to it in the meantime can really help you stay in the game by saving valuable time and maintaining the productivity of the task.


If you really wish to be productive and seem to be stuck, take a breather, relax your mind, and as soon as you feel fresh, you would have garnered all the focus you need to help you accomplish the task.

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