Recently I saw this quote on Instagram which said “marriage is till death do us part, no till you get tired of trying.

Many I know for sure would disagree with this.

So I decided to share a little thought-provoking

analysis of this frequently discussed issue .

So am just going to get straight

to the point.

First, it is no hidden fact, the moment you decide to get “hitched”, you are meant to be in it forever.

You don’t go into marriage, with the thoughts of divorcing or ending it in months.

That’s why you need to place “understanding” over love before you get married.

“Do you know your partner well enough?

By well enough, we don’t mean General knowledge that his inner circles have access to.

In this case, I mean information that is exclusive to you, and that can only be derived by “studying and understanding” your spouse or partner not love/which is like alcohol. How can a drunk person understand something as complex as Algebra?

Marriage or understanding is more complicated that Algebra.

So, if you know that “marriage is a forever kind of partnership” , you would agree with that caption I stated earlier.

Still, some still won’t agree.

And these are the people that have been married for over 20years and still plan on divorce.

Hmm, why?

The answer is simple , they are tired of each other.

This is a constant trait in human beings when we see or use something or anything too much or we see it all the time, it starts to lose value or importance in our eyes.

So the answer is not filing “irreconcilable difference”, instead, try to “rediscover” your marriage/your love and you can do this, by either getting some “good time “ALONe” with each other for a month on an Island where there is no internet or Wi-Fi.


You separate for a while. And this is for the extreme cases I.e you cannot tolerate each other any longer.

But this separation has a duration, and that is 3months!

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