If inanimate objects aren’t responsible, then we should have no issue with North Korea’s nuclear…

Brabazon, your reasoning is faulty. We, the US gov’t, are perfectly happy to possess nuclear weapons ourselves, so the inanimate objects themselves are not the issue at hand over whom ought have possession, which IS the issue. The primary question in both nuclear warheads and firearms is over WHO ought we accept as being in possession of them; who is trusted with the power those devices provide? The international community doesn’t trust North Korea; our Constitution is predicated on trust in the citizenry and respect for the rights of the citizenry, to include the right to keep and bear arms.

Why is it that “progressives” (misnomer) seem to think that firearms in the hands of gov’t is perfectly fine, but in the hands of the citizens from whom the gov’t derives its authority is unacceptable? Do you wish to be unarmed and incapable of resistance when a neo-fascist like Trump tries to use that centralized gov’t power against you?

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