A Letter to the GOP
Restart GOP

You’ve got a tall task ahead of you. I’m 40 y.o. now, and I was never content with the social conservatism aspect of the GOP, but mostly voted GOP for the small gov’t / fiscal prudence rhetoric.

Bush 43 and the 2008 bailouts showed the farce of that propaganda. I’ve been voting Libertarian or other 3rd party ever since, and my reaction to Trump was to join the LP & donate. I will forevermore use a candidate’s 2016 statements on Trump as a metric of their wisdom and character, just as I use views on the ’08 bailouts.

I seriously doubt I’ll ever vote GOP again, unless my ultimate desire of Ranked Voting gets instituted by the citizens against the interests of the Dem/GOP Duopoly, in which case I’ll rank the GOP below LP but before Constitutionalists, Dems, and Greens.

I urge you to NOT try to “rebuild the GOP”, but put your efforts into reforming our electoral system to Ranked Voting so that our elections will better represent the wider desires of the citizens AND our campaigns will have incentive to play nice with each other instead of painting one another as evil.

Destroy the Duopoly!!