What I Read in January 2016
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Hmmm, what can I offer? Currently on my nightstand are;

Saving Farmland by Nathalie Chambers. It’s a story that’s very local to Victoria BC, and almost universally applicable at the same time. How do you save a small farm that’s now in town from being sold and developed into houses? And how do you keep producing food?

It pairs well with Food and Fuel, two collections of academic essays that have been rereleased inside one cover. Very depressing, but I’ve grown used to it. I have been reading primarily about food security issues for about five years now (after decades of reading very broadly, I decided to try one topic in depth. As an ex-farmer, I have both experience in and a passion about the topic).

I recently finished This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. An excellent read and a terrific call to arms. Ever since my first exposure to ecology and environmental science, I keep seeing webs connected to webs in this crazy Western life. I keep saying “everything is connected” but we keep looking at the little pieces instead of whole systems. Nothing in this book changes my thinking in that respect.

And lastly, I’ll leave you with Thomas King’s The Inconvenient Indian. I loved his radio plays “The Dead Dog Cafe,” I’ve loved his short stories and novels, but this history of First Nations in North America is stellar! Funny, wide-ranging, personal, this isn’t a book intended to inflict guilt but one to wake people up. It’s so good that it was voted the Canada Reads book – where the whole country (or at least those paying attention) read the same book to help spark a national conversation. Of the four, this is the one to read. I’m hoping Klein’s book is voted the Canada Reads book this year.

A couple of the books you listed look very interesting (any book that freaks Glen Beck…), and I’ll be making a point to look for them.

All power to the informed people!

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