Advantages of the project First Eco-cluster.

First Eco-cluster
Feb 26 · 2 min read

The first Eco-cluster Project will be implemented under any conditions due to the internal resource embedded in each district. The project will be developed and scaled first across the Russian Federation, and then around the world, regardless of the funds received by ICO. The amount of funds collected for ICO will only affect the development dynamics of the project (the rate of appearance of housing estates in all cities and countries and the construction of infrastructure and houses in them). Free annual tourism ( each project partner is the owner of any number of tokens ECOEC has the right once a year during the week to use for itself and its family guest houses in micro-districts of Eco-cluster around the world).

Opportunity for active buyers of online stores instead of $ 300 to pay 30 tokens ECOEC of registration fee at «CashbackNetworks» of the company named «iNetworkInternationalGroup». And you can obtain cashback of your purchases at more than 700 stores and a commission from the purchases of your friends from first to fourth level of their referral program! The housing construction program with a 3D-printer guarantees the fastest possible turnkey construction of houses in the most autonomous modern eco-friendly eco-villages and eco-clusters.

Blockchain and SmartContracts will provide investors with the transparency of their payments, and the project will be leaded to investments.
— Tokens Ecoearthcoin ( ECOEC ) are guaranteed with the real plots of lands in the Ecocluster;
— Bounty-campaign has many stages;
— Platform ECONEUARK and its functionality;
— Low participation threshold for the investor when buying tokens ECOEC on ICO;
— Access to projects for investing and acquiring property without geo-referencing;
— Interest-free installment plan for buyers of houses and land in neighborhoods of Ecocluster;

Thank you for being with us!

First Eco-cluster

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First Eco-cluster and ECONEUARK platform, country side real estate and blockchain technology.