EcoEarthCoin and ECOECTRON in the project First ECO-cluster.

First Eco-cluster
Jun 24 · 2 min read

On June 1, 2019, a new token on the TRON platform was created in our project —
Cost of Token 1 ECOECTRON = $ 0.0038 (0.1TRX)
The main purpose of ECOECTRON is the monthly payment of dividends to holders of the main token on the Ethereum platform.

Starting from June 20 of this year every month, during the year, we will list all owners of EcoEarthCoin. The main condition: on the 20th of each month the holder must have 100 or more tokens. The second condition: create a wallet on the TRON and send it to the project mail, and completed google form:

Who have less than 100 ECOEC can buy them by registering in your account on the project website —
Dividends will be charged at a percentage of tokens in the holder’s wallet:
from 100 ECOEC — 6%, from 300–7%, from 500 -8%, from 800–9%, from 1300–10%, from 2000–15% and more than 5000ECOEC — 20% !!!

For more information, each holder can receive from the project administrators of the group in telegrams

Both project tokens have the same purpose. The ratio of them to calculate 1EcoEarthCoin = 10 000ECOECTRON.
Buying tokens you invest in the development of the project First ECO-cluster.

Thank you for being with us!

First Eco-cluster

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