Pre-ICO and ICO (IEO) project is the First Eco-Cluster.

First Eco-cluster
Mar 31 · 3 min read

The project First ECO-cluster project has set itself a complex, but interesting and promising task: to unite two very different groups of people — crypto enthusiasts and developers (owners) of suburban real estate. Some consider the project is not considered crypto-deep. The other are mostly far from the virtual world of the Internet and especially crypto currencies.

At first glance, it would seem so. In fact, the project First ECO-cluster tried to absorb all the modern trends. Not only in the crypto world and construction, but also in the financial sector, alternative energy, advertising, environmentally friendly building materials and complete waste recycling systems. Perhaps is the project took only a part of each direction and is not deeply dedicated to each. But taking the necessary and combining tries to create a unique product in demand and vital.

Buyers and owners of ECOEC tokens will not be left without their funds since the investments are provided first with real land plots of the project and its partners, and in the future with suburban real estate.

Buyers of real estate of the project first ECO-cluster and its partners will receive ECOEC tokens cash back from 10 to 100% and will be able to save at least 5 to 50% of the project by paying with project tokens to contractors (suppliers) to project partners.

Buyers of real estate in Eco-Cluster and owners of ECOEC tokens staying in the community and having the ECOEC token in their wallet will be able to significantly expand the financial capabilities of their family.

The project First ECO-cluster completes the Pre-ICO stage and begins the ICO on April 1. As it should be, Pre-ICO allowed to see technical and organizational flaws that need to be corrected before or during the ICO.

Both sites of the project are being improved. Approved road map for the development of functional blockchain platform ECONEUARK. For the development of the project in the European Union, the head at work in Europe entered the team and the jurisdiction of the token was determined. An Estonian company will be acquired licences to carry out of crypto activity and it will included in the project of First ECO-cluster.

Created is a vacancy of a project Manager in every city of the world with a population of more than 100 000 people. Its task is to create a real community of people in their city planning to live in a suburban neighborhood of the project and ideally, understanding the prospects of digital assets.

To inform investors around the world about the wonderful idea to build modern suburban neighborhoods and make happy both their residents and all owners of its asset ecoearthcoin token (ECOEC), the project First ECO-Cluster has applied for placement in several dozen ICO-trackers (

There is a discussion of cooperation with the staff of the exchange Latoken (

All investors who understand the importance of buying the ECOEC token now, before placing on the IEO exchange — hurry up to do it!

Thank you for being with us!

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