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Jun 22 · 2 min read

From the very beginning of the new phase of the project in 2018, the project partners have been very important. Dozens of contracts with the owners of cottage settlements and contractors in many cities of the Russian Federation. Land plots of the project and its partners are the guarantor of the project token. Contractors (suppliers of goods and services) are willing to partially accept project tokens for their services and goods.
In June 2019, the project began to move internationally. Our new partners are independent projects implementing their ideas, creating blockchain platforms around the world in various directions.

With several of them have already concluded agreements on cooperation. At the request of the partner, we are ready to hold a joint airdrop with him. Buyers of our tokens will receive a 5% reward with partner tokens and vice versa. And finally, the most important thing is that every month, by the time ICO (IEO) ends, both of our project and of each of our partners, we plan to conclude an agreement with them on monthly mutual dividend payments.
In addition to the monthly dividends, ECOEC token holders will receive ECOECTRON tokens throughout the year and project partner tokens. Already are partners of the project —,, Cooperation with,, and others is under discussion.

Holders of ECOEC and ECOECTRON tokens will have an ever-growing digital asset in their wallets and receive tokens of tens or even hundreds of project partners every month.

Thank you for being with us!

First Eco-cluster

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