The first ECO-cluster project is only moving forward.

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Apr 26 · 4 min read

On the project website in the personal account where you can buy ecoec tokens, there are four new buttons.

The first button is to BUY a PROPERTY.
Token EcoEarthCoin claims that he stablein, because it really is a provided for real estate.
Initially, the high base cost of the ECOEC token in comparison with other ICO is the result of the calculation and, accordingly, the provision of real land plots. The buyer of the token is guaranteed not to lose his investment, because he will always be able to buy a land plot and other suburban real estate of the project First ECO-Cluster and our partners for the ecoec token. By clicking on the links specified in the form after clicking the BUY PROPERTY button, the owner of ECOEC tokens can choose an object and send an application to the project for its purchase for tokens.

Becoming the owner of the property, you can sell it or keep it and do its improvement. To do this, there is a link to the suppliers of goods and services with which you can partially or fully pay ECOEC —
The number and geography of facilities, contractors, suppliers of goods and services is constantly increasing and expanding.

Those owners of the ECOEC token who have not found a ready-made real estate project:
The second button — SELECT an OBJECT FOR TOKENIZATION gives the right to its owner to participate in the tokenization of promising real estate and become their co-owners. The site will host more and more new facilities in different cities and countries. After reviewing the concept of development of a new neighborhood, its planning and development projects, the cost of works, the token owner can send an application indicating what kind of object he wants to become a co-owner in the future. With the development and popularization of the neighborhood real estate in it will increase in price.

In order to see how the microdistrict of the project looks or will look like in a particular city, the layout of the house and site, how and where the owner of the ECOEC token can use the token for life, a Third button has been created — the ECONEUARK 3D TOUR.

The ECONEUARK platform provides potential buyers with access to the project’s own database of all sold properties of our partners and in the neighborhoods of the First ECO-Cluster around the world. In the first stage of purchasing for Fiat money with cash back rewards in tokens ECOEC. Further, any goods partially or completely for ECOEC tokens on a decentralized basis. Investing in the development of a popular platform, you get a token for which you buy real things for life.

The fourth new button CHOOSE the JOURNEY. The owner of the ECOEC token can save on his trip this year. By choosing a trip and contacting the project partner international tour operator, to clarify what part of the cost it can pay with ECOEC tokens.

Of course, by purchasing the ECOEC token, the buyer will save on the cost of travel. Buying the same tour just for the money from our partner or other operator, he will pay more.

This will be especially noticeable in April and possibly in early may 2019 while the ACTION is in effect. The buyer of the ECOEC token under the smart contract will receive additional bonuses from 100 to 500% of the volume of his purchase from the bounty campaign Fund of the project. At the base cost of 1 ECOEC = 0.15 ETH, for example, buying 100 ECOEC tokens, the buyer will receive another 510 ECOEC free of charge (total 610) and the cost for it will be 1 ECOEC = 0.017 ETH. And with the tour operator, it will be calculated at 0.15 ETH for one token!

Thank you for being with us!

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