Wounded Vets would like a “Purple-Heart” for there PTSD caused by, War-Time~Trauma…

IT was first introduced according to my Congressman by, my organization that I’m a life-member at The DAV~Disabled American Veterans!

The Congressman’s assistant said, “no legislation was introduced by the DAV?” The DAV wanted it to (be law) that if you get Diagnosed with PTSD you should get a “Purple~Heart” as well!

No further action has been followed up, by, the DAV? But I hope, The Disabled American Veterans certainly don’t give up the fight for Veterans who have suffered a {War-time Trauma.} Will See, if America can live up to it’s name and do the right-thing here? Or will veterans suffering from a war condition and get the usual, from it’s government…

One of the Opposer are according to the Congressman Bera’s Office would be “Veterans of Foreign Wars” Probably do for a name change? Veterans of Foreign Traders could accommodate such a change! One has to wonder, says, Verdun!

By the time the average war veteran fights for Entitlements for PTSD he or she has already either done there mind and heath an even (more unjust) to there mental health and caused a (new condition) the veterans wouldn’t even get compensated for. Hardly a fair battle here for the wounded men and women who defended our country…


Fox Verdun

Veterans Advocate for Justice

Fox Verdun Daily News