What is the Best Acne Treatment?

I am glad that you are asking the question what is the best acne treatment. Why? It has been my quest for some time now to educate young and old people alike in a method which actually cures acne for good. Why is this a quest of mine? Simply because there is a way to get rid of acne and the terrible scaring damage it does to our bodies, you simply do not need to suffer it. I know that it is possible but many hundreds and thousands of people across the world do not.

It is this knowledge and information I personally feel I am obliged to pass on to acne sufferers. It is this reason why I created the acne-no-more-pdf.com website. If you had the knowledge in your hands of a method to stop the immense pain, suffering, discomfort and embarrassment to thousands of people would you shout about it? I thought so, therefore without further ado please give yourself a couple of minutes to read the most important short story of mine about what is the best acne treatment you will undoubtedly ever read.

What is the Best Acne Treatment — I am Glad You Asked!

I didn’t suffer with severe acne until I was 25 years old. I went through puberty and early adulthood with a few zits here and there but nothing which caused me to much concern. That was until I turned 20 when I started to see more spots appearing on my face, back and neck areas. At first the spots on my face were those horrible red pussey ones, you know, the ones where you simply cannot go outside the house without feeling ashamed. Forever cancelling nights out with friends on a Friday and Saturday because I couldn’t face people seeing my red and unattractive face. I got my mother to get me what I thought was the best acne treatment over the counter lotion which I used religiously for 2 weeks night and day without much impact on the spots.

I then began to notice that these spots were now appearing on my back and lower legs as well as my face. By this point I had tried just about every over the counter acne treatment there was but I still couldn’t stop them from returning. At the back of my mind I just knew that the claims for all these skin lotions and creams around being the best acne treatments were not suited to my skin type or so I thought that was the problem.

I was forever asking myself at this point just what is the best acne treatment to actually address the route cause of

the skin problem since nothing I was trying actually stopped the acne from returning.

This was really my ‘light bulb’ moment.

A friend of mine whom was going through a similar experience (although not as bad as me) mentioned that his parents had put him on a diet and that his acne was getting better. So diet was a prime cause of acne? you bet! You see, we are educated by the acne product manufacturers that what we NEED is their prescription acne treatment products, face washes, lotions whatever, but what they are not telling us is that in order to stop acne from appearing you have to look at more than just treating the symptoms.

After researching the diet connection between acne and skin problems, I stumbled across THIS BOOK entitled acne no more. I immediately began to understand better that there was more to getting rid of acne for good than simply buying an over-the-counter medicine. You have to attack the root cause and understand all the aspects of your life before you can begin to stop it dead in its’ tracks.

I read the book from cover to cover and was totally absorbed by what I found. That said of course the proof is in the pudding isn’t it! So I began the program which helped me identify the areas in which my personal circumstances were affecting my bodies ability to rid myself of the acne. The first steps help to immediately reduce the acne inflammation which took around a week or so. The next stage was to identify and target the problem areas of my life which were contributing to the return of the problems.

The first 4 weeks saw a dramatic effect and the acne upon my back and legs were pretty much eliminated and I was ecstatic and for the first time since I can remember, I ventured outside socially!

I continued to have signs of acne on my neck and face but nowhere near as bad as it was. Dietary changes, some key knowledge and 8 weeks later I didn’t have a spot on my face, it was a real accomplishment. My fear however was that the acne would return but to this day (now several months later) I have not experienced any outbreaks — the acne is gone and as far as I am concerned is not going to return!

All in all I was looking at around 2 months to see amazing improvements and over 5 years of suffering previously you can understand why I want to tell the world out how good this product is at ridding yourself of acne for good. I would like to think that my success is going to be the same for you, but do bear in mind that skin conditions will certainly vary from person to person but you have to try don’t you.

I wish you the best of luck and hope your question around what is the best acne treatment has been well and truly answered and would love to hear your stories of how you overcame acne whether it be using the Acne no More product or other means.