My Last Day at Kayako…..

It’s still a fresh memory when three years ago Kayako contacted me for this job. During these three years I have been one of the proud contributors to the Support team. I started as a Customer Advocate and from there I went on to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) before donning the hat of a Senior Customer Advocate.

Kayako has taught me a lot by giving me the freedom to do things, mentoring me and supporting me in every possible way. Sometimes I think if it wasn’t for Kayako I probably would not have…

…..or help them be more productive at their work!

I’m pretty sure at one point or another you would have heard your engineering team complain that X, Y, and Z information is missing from the JIRA ticket. Or, the fact that Support tries to get almost every bug prioritized as an important one. All these things lead to frustration and lack of productivity because you’re chasing each other for information and prioritization.

I’m going to talk about some of the things which can help both the teams in terms of productivity and get things done asap.

Make use of API…

Conferences are an important part of culture at Kayako! Everyone is encouraged and supported to attend them. I work in Support team. The first person who made me dream about public speaking was my then manager, Sarah Chambers because I had seen her speak at Elevate and other conferences before.

The problem with me was that I am based in India and no doubt we have so many top notch conferences for developers/engineers but you’ll hardly find anything (at the same level as SD or Elevate) when it comes to Support. All such conferences are mostly in the US…

When I was at uni (2nd year), I saw it on the notice board that the govt. is running a teaching assistant internship scheme wherein uni students can go and work as a teacher assistant in a nearby school. They could decide the days and subjects with the school. This was all to promote graduates to take up teaching as a career for there is dire need of (good)teachers in schools.

With me, I had always been in and out of teaching as a “profession”,if you would like to call it. As soon as I finished school, two of our…

Sandy travels domestic….!!

Yeah, that’s the hashtag we came up with when I took my first ever domestic flight with friends: #sandytravelsdomestic!

I was travelling to Lucknow with two of my friends. One of them was from Lucknow itself and was travelling back home for the long weekend on Holi. He asked if we would be interested to join him as he came across some cheap-ass ticket prices. (who would want to miss the amazing deals)So, we went on to book the tickets. This was going to be my first ever domestic flight….before …

In the customer support/service world it is very easy and quick to succumb to burnout. Reason being, you deal with customers (real people)and it can be emotionally and mentally draining. You have to make sure you give 100% empathy even in the situations where you want to freak out or be more rationale! Giving out all this empathy means you have to refill it too which is why self-care is so important!

In order to be successful in the long run, you got to make sure that you stick to taking care of yourself — each day every day!! I…

OMG! You already comparing it to being Hit-Girl?! Well, it’s true that we don’t just sit there and answer chats and cases from customers! We’ve a very interesting life/job role….and let me walk you through it! :D

I log in and start my shift around 10 in the morning (even though I am active on slack way before that.) The first thing I do is prepare my To-Do list. This helps me keep track of things which need my attention and gives me a great sense of achievement when I tick them off one by one by the end of…

The answer is: don’t sell it….instead sell your company values and your company culture! Selling them will automatically sell the product for you.

Think of yourself as a customer and ask yourself:

  • Why am I loyal to brand X?
  • Why did I never think of switching from X to Y? etc.

Somewhere your answers will resonate along the lines of:

  • …because I share the same values that the Brand X vouches for.
  • ….because I relate to their Mission statement. etc.

And surprisingly this is not rocket-science at all to understand. Its human nature to stick to things which resonate with…

Sales and Support are a goner??

Its natural for any business to think that they need a Sales and a Support team to carry out their business operations. After all these are their face to the world— their customer facing teams. But times are changing and you don’t need to stick to what’s been followed all the time (traditionally!)

The things that I am going to talk about can not only help a business to streamline things in a much better way but it can also help you cut down costs. Yes! …

…to meet the deadlines?

When I was in my second year at University, that’s when I was introduced to the concept of ‘Software Project Management.’ I was taught all the basic concepts that it involves but we were also told (rather cautioned)that it was very rare that projects actually end up meeting the deadlines in real world. Every time this was mentioned, I couldn’t stop thinking as to why this happens. Why is it that deadlines can’t be met?

And then I started internship at AXA-IM after my second year. We did have projects there but we were not that…


Miss Independent! I wish to visit every single Castle & Beach.Nothing excites me like solving problems. Senior Customer Support Engineer @Hackerrank.

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