Your wrecked heart will drift ashore, provisions for another’s sinking flame.

Prison! Release!

Today crawled out of you, I pre-membered the time you taught me to talk. Language unfolded your mysteries as I unfolded.

Damn the lines of love. Colors of lines of now. Divided castles cannot accommodate siamese kings.

V is for vehicle is dimension of driver’s eye. Do you see yourself loving life long… space, again and again. That’s what time will do to you. Life beyond life beyond.

Gathering gifts of lsd trips for future generations of ego trips. My ego be free-go. I can’t see though, so know not a me though. Let go of he-she-go. Alphabetize the euthanized lexicon of striving on. See?


Vast is your wingspan, El Capitan. I’m all gratitude for the shade you provide. Thanks for the dream in which I go to hide.