Empty Flowers, Not Empty

Where is your mind when you are with me? Too deep to know. You can laugh now, a poem is about to begin.

Shapes create crates to keep shapes of created feelings, which are shapes creating, in. Night shapes the way day feels like dreams shape dream-shapes. See sounds seeping, light-like through javelin time keeping. Contestants line up and down to die at your feet. Dancing like javelins to the time you keep. No peeping. Was it worth a birth and an old sack made of leather, the chance to see it put neatly back together? Over and over, the under emerges, again. Ancient master, only friend. Ha! You thought a thought! See words tasting mind? You can’t read this, but you think you already have ‘cuz you’ve mouthed the sounds of shapes in your mind. That was just the sound of time. Ha! No peeping. See shapes seeping like sounds of feelings made neat again. Keep peeping. Shhhh… The speed of light is sleeping. It’s time keeping. I hope your eyes are open now. Blink once if no, twice if so. Light-shaped life-like feeling. Keep keeping.