TRUMP = Living Organism

Nature and the re/organism of society

The nomination of Donald Trump should give rise to gratitude for symbiosis, the magic of Mother Nature’s ability to self-heal, maintain symmetrical integrity, and in general, run the Universe like a boss. Lets explore why through an odyssey of symbols and meaning…

The living organism known as “Trump” exists within, and is a product of the exact same society of organisms within which we exist, and are similarly organized by. That society itself is a living (i.e. has life inside) organism. The Universe, a.k.a. Nature, herself is a living organism, and she may be telling us in the most obvious way possible that, “…she has blood coming out of her…where ever.” Now, did Mr. Trump mean “where(x)ever” or ever(y)where?

The language of organisms is symbiosis, or the exchange of symbols (inter/action) between organisms. The most effective symbols are the most easily decoded ones(1), i.e. The ones who’s mean/ing is most widely and easily recognized. Mean can mean the average of numbers, and numbers along with words, are among the most powerful symbols in Nature. That which comes to be known in mathematics we call Laws of Nature, and symbolic interpretation (decoding-encoding, action-reaction) is a function of organisms within Nature (Newton’s 3rd Law). Our DNA is encoded symbolism, and the harmonic structure of our organism.

The point I am making is this, the most efficient way for Nature to communicate and course correct is to make central the most obvious symbol (the mean/ing of which being the means by which) to counterbalance (re/organism around) in order to maintain the integral law and order of Nature. The “Trump” organism rising to the [fore(4)] in our social organism shall undoubtedly cause an equally powerful counter re/organizational [force (4+C), C as in Einstein’s E=mC2, where C = speed of light, which depends on your relative space/station in time].

Thus emerges a new and better balanced societal organism, for each knows what “Trump” means to each. Perfect symbiotic symmetry is (integrated) at all times and all levels/spaces of all organisms. If it didn’t the universe would have long ago dis(integrated).

There is a profound undercurrent of science, culture, art, math, technology, and philosophy erupting in a symbolic “call and response” to this particular node in time. In so far as “Trump” symbolizes hate there is love in equal=measure, but not all organisms recognize the same mean/ing. Nor do all organisms share a node in time, for what is time if not your organism’s specific interpretation of it’s space/station within the infinite and eternal organism we call Nature? We need to learn to listen to and trust Nature, to seek the meaning and the means by which to organize our greater organisms. There are symbols and languages of infinite depth, but so long as we remain tuned into mean/ingless and in-coherent narratives of division we will never learn to recognize the syntax or to co-inhere harmoniously.

The purpose of our being alive is not to create, sell, and consume materialistic objects(what the “Trump” symbol means to me), but instead it is to assimilate our disparate subjective meanings into a coherent life affirming language. One that we can all speak and understand. One that we can use to make a better world. What ever your language be, whether it be visual art, film, music, philosophy, math, or love, try to give it a beautiful meaning. And kindly try to share and help others understand what you mean.