1irstGold Becomes the first means to store Physical Gold in digital Form

Oct 11, 2019 · 2 min read

1. You can only buy our token online via p2pb2b.io or through our website 1irstgold.com To understand it and to recognize the functionality, I recommend trying it yourself with the purchase of some GOLD token.

2. Ultimately, GOLD is nothing more than a value store like the USDT, except that it is based on the price of GOLD. Once the customer buys a token, the paid purchase price shifts to the buyer side. As a result, sufficient liquidity is always available.

3. Token return against physical gold. This works from ownership from up to 100 GOLD tokens. The owner can return the token and exchange it for $ 85 in physical gold. The 85 Dollar is a pure handling fee, not the purchase price. The issue is in Unicore 100 grams bars. The fee of $ 85 covers the shipping and the costs of keeping the gold. The customer has the advantage that he does not have to secure his gold and minimizes the theft risk to zero. In addition to this advantage, the customer can cross borders of countries and exchange gold at any place in currencies of his choice. This happens online via p2pb2b.io, so I recommend the self-experiment to check the incredible benefits for yourself.

How do 1irstgold benefit?

1. The issue price refers to the grammar price of gold. We gain from the difference of the trade price of one to a hundred grams. this difference amounts to about 8 percent of the total volume.

2. The handling fees include a 50 percent pure profit margin.

3. the marketing value in the customer service and support, as the clientele has high purchasing power.


Should there be a gold issue against token, this issue will be made by affiliated gold traders. There is even the possibility of receiving gold personsl in three places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The advantages for the customer when using 1irstGOLD token

1. No storage costs as with physical gold

2. Total minimization of theft and loss risks

3. Permanent availability 365 days a year and 24 hours a day

4. Easy handling during transfer and when crossing borders

5. Low cost in handling

6. permanent exchange into physical gold

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