ASP vs ISB Varsity Boys Basketball Game 2/19/2016

Last year when the ISB Varsity boys played against ASP (American school of Paris), a fist fight broke out with 2 of their star players and one of our bench players (Good job Bryce). I’m wondering how much tension there will be this year between ISB and Paris; I hope there will be a lot. I think it’s because of my competitive attitude in sports and how I hate a lot of their players (some are chill though). Also since this week is the winter spirit week for ISB, we might actually have people watch for once (people don’t watch our games because it’s at 6). If we have a huge crowd and there is a huge amount of tension between the two teams, I think that ASP will become one of our biggest rivalries behind St Johns. If we come out with a win as well, this will be a huge boost to our ego, especially since ISST’S is coming up (International school sports tournaments). Tonight were going have to play hard the whole game because apparently one of their players single handedly took out the Hague who was ISST champions last year, they are likely to be in the semi’s or finals, and we lost to them this season. If our star players catch fire like they did in the game against SHAPE (Matt dropping 25 points in the first half) and the rest of us do our jobs for rebounding, good passes, smart choices and shots, then we can easily beat ASP and any team in ISST’S. Tonight’s game is technically the senior night so we are going to have a bit of fun with it. ISB super fan James Daly is going to be announcing starters and commenting during the game which is going to be hilarious. In the end tonight is either going to be a ISB game to remember or a super funny game that may shift how ISB spirit is currently.

Go Raiders!

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