The Problem with President Trump’s Executive Orders
Mark Takano

Mr. Takano;

As a representative in any form you are there to represent the people who sent you to represent but you must also understand that you are also there even more importantly to represent the constitution and the laws. So in representing those who elected you you have THE RESPONSIBILITY FIRST TO ABIDE BY AND REPRESENT THE LAWSS AND CONSTITUTION NO MATTER WHO DOESN’T LIKE IT OR WHOM IT MAY TICK OFF, THIS INCLUDES YOURSELF. We are asked in life to do those things we disagree with at times and for the security and betterment of the nation and the people this must be done at times. Now if it goes against morality and personally held religious values to do this then the dilhema gets harder but you should hold to your God given beliefs. If they are not from God then they are not as important because our personall preferences are secondary to that. Immigration is not an automatic right if someone gets to America it is a possibility and a process. If you are here illegally then get to an office or representative whom can direct you in the proper channels and processes to become a legal immigrant. Stop the propaganda. all other countried have a process to become and immigrant then a citizen and America has that right also. This is not prejudice, it is not racism, nor is it discrimination, we need the right to check and recheck those whom intend to stay here or even visit these days. There are seemingly innocent or at least seemingly normal people who want to come here and committ acts of terror or even as prescribed in the Q’ ran destroy our country. If that is a core belief in their religious system then we should check all Islamic visitors and wanna be immigrants. Especially from countries or even regions of countries that are hotbeds and known partners in terrorist activity, wake up! This is not discrimination, racism, or prejudice it is dilligence and repsonsible action. If you knew someone was prone to or had been caught in the past on multiple occassions imbessling from companies they worked for is it diligent or irresponsible to do background checks before hiring them? Is it foolishness or diligence to allow a proven imbessler to do the finacial books for your company? Is it being responsible to do the best background checks you can and maybe cause a delay in someones visit when you know they are party to or at least believe in a religious system that actually states that their goal is to whipe the Isaelites and America off the face of the Earth or is ti prejudice. It is being diligent and trying to protect the people You sir as a representative have been hired to represent and protect to the best of your ability not matter what YOUR personal feelings are. Stop the leftwinged propaganda and look at the facts of out situation todaay and not what ist was in WWII .hings have changed. Today we know if we are paying any attention that Islam is waging jihad against Israel and the U.S. At this time it is only the radical sects but if they get much more headway it likely will embolden the non-radical people also because of the brainwashing in their unholy religious beliefs. They are taught that America is the Great satan and Israel is the little Satan and we all must accept Allah or be destroyed. This means that we must diligently watch them and take note of every peorsons actions who ascribes to that belief. If someone from say Mexico or any other country is here illegally they are still here illegally, it is not disputable! We have laws governing the way to become a citizen legally, shut your annoying, Whining, pouting, leftwing begging for sympathy or empathy votes and follow the laws. Stop trying to make some kind of neo-socilistic-communistic, fascistic, totalitarian eutopia in America. This is wrong, unethical, immoral, and crazy. None of those systems are worthy of a free people because they enslave the people and the more you try to push and intigrate these REGRESSIVE VAKUES AND LAWS INTO OUR SYSTEM THE MORE WEAK OUR LAWS AND SYSTEM BECOMES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. THESE SYSTEMS ARE ALL ABOUT ELITISTS RUNNIG EVERYTHING AND ENSLAVING THE OTHERS AND BRAINWASHING THE MASSES WHILE TAKING AWAY THEIR RIGHTS AND THERE WEAPONS THAT THEY USE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. One of the Founders stated that,”Democracy is when the government fears the people, tyrany is when the people fear the government”, and we are almost completely now gone from a govenment of the people, by the people, and for the people to a government controlling everyone and every word. That is tyrany and it eventually goes from one of the other sytems like Socialism to totalitarianism and that ruler will be a true tyrant if we follow the historical circle that countries go through. The problem is that with the WTO, NWO, and the UN in the seats of power that they are currently in and those in power in those organizations the next one will be the one referred to as the beast in the Bible so like it or not, or even if yo believe it or not we stand at the cusp of destruction and if you want to delay or stop this for now and make it happen later rather than sooner then fight the right and good fight and stop the propaganda and the ignorance and support the changes inthe system and protecting the American people and our laws. If you do not understand your responsibiliy as a representative then step down and help put someone in the office that does because your first responsibility is to follow the laws and follow the ascribed ethics of the office in a professional and ethical way. Protecting Americans is the presidents first job and also the job of all executive branch reps in the national and state levels and fixing our immigration problems is the first way to slow down and begin fixing the problems. If people are inconvenienced so be it. If peopel are deported SO WHAT, if they are here illegally then they are in direct opposition to our laws and that is their only option. If they are a very productive part of our society then we should look into helping them become a citizen! If they have committed other crimes they should be given the choice of being permanantly deported or going to prison for their actions with a charge added to their legal charges be it to different levels do to the crime they committed, if a violent crime depending on the henious nature an extra2–25 year sentencing depending on the severity of the crime. If it was murder the have no rights they should be imprisoned until they trial then if found guilty if it was first degree and there is nothing even ressembling reasonable doubt then do not waste tax payers money they recieve automatically the death penalty without years retrials or appeals. If they admit it or there were witnesses that saw the thing clearly send them to a firing range, give them the needle, hang them until dead what ever method the state ascribes get rid of this problem. To many Americans have been brutally murdered by illegal aliens not immigrants whom are here illegally and are violent. California should be totally awareof these people since they have more Mexican Mafia and MC17 psychos in and coming in through California than anywhere else and this has been a fact for many years, These are some of the most violent and deviant criminals in the world and your state wants to protect them, we in the rest of the country look at this type of ignorance and say what is wrong with you people, get a grip and do the right thing and rethink your views and responsibilities as a representative, and if you are an ethical man work your governor because everyone in the rest of the country know He has mental issues and we do not get why California keeps putting this very distorted man in office, He is part of the reason California is in an economic shambles and moral abyss. If he will not follow the laws then as a representative who is supposed to follow and uphld the laws lead the charge to remove him on ethical basis. If oyu are not willing to do the right thing though as I said before step down and reccomend someone who will for your replacement.

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