Just imagine, it’s Friday afternoon and you’ve been standing there for 17 minutes now, waiting for that freaking bus. It’s dark and cold, the rain soaked your clothes to the core and you’re not in what we would generally call a “good mood”. And the fact that you had a really long and boring day which included a failed math studies test helps a lot. The only thing you want to do at this point is go home, eat and watch Netflix in your bed while crying about your situation, but unfortunately this bus won’t let you… Because yes, you neither have a car nor parents who have time to come and pick you up by car; the bus is therefore the only way for you to get home.

After that much time spent alone under the rain at the bus stop, you are suddenly faced with this awkward and stressful situation where you ask yourself if going by foot would be faster than waiting for the bus, but you also acknowledge that you could miss the bus if you leave. So you establish pros and cons: if you leave now by foot, you could be home in 15 minutes, so not that much more time than the bus if it came now. And it’s not coming, so that’s plausible. But if you stay and wait for the bus, the bus which could arrive from one minute to the next you could get home in 10 minutes, completely dry, and arrive just in front of your door. But again, it has now been 19 minutes this goddamned bus hasn’t arrived, and you’re now starting to ask yourself if the buses aren’t on strike today… Such a hard choice, nobody should face these kinds of hard choices. Do you want to choose simplicity by taking the bus but first have to face the horrible punishment of waiting, or choose action and run heroically to your house under the thick Belgian rain but having to face the possible missing of the bus which could come in a second? Then the enlightenment reaches your brain: No, you will not wait. It has been way too long, and you can’t do it anymore! If the bus drivers can’t do their job, it’s not your fault. Forget the STIB! So with all your determination, you grab your bag that gained 2 or 3 kilos because of all the rain, you close your jacket and put on your earphones. You’ve got this Marino, if you run fast enough you’ll be home in 10 minutes maybe even less. And after all, it’s just rain! You’ve been living here for now 6 years, you have experienced much worse than just inoffensive drops of H2O. You turn on your Ipod and press play, it’s “Centuries” by Fall out Boy: this is gonna be great. You are ready to have the run of your life. You look back one last time, just in case… Nothing. You are ready, you take a deep brath, and it’s on, you start running. Here you are, running for your life towards your destiny. You think about your bed and your computer nicely waiting for you, and the smiles they’ll make when they will see you. Running fast, music loud nothing can stop you. Suddenly, a roaring noise comes from behind you, and drowns the noise of your music. It’s an engine. But not any engine, it’s a big one, like a truck or something. You look back to see what could make such a big nose in such a tiny street. Is it a truck? Is it a plane? No, it’s the bus 94.

Patrick Stump continues to sing, “You will remember me, for centuries”. Was it foreshadowing? Maybe, you don’t even care anymore. A new feeling starts to invade your veins. It’s a mix of shame, extreme anger and sadness that you know will ruin your night. You stopped running; you are just looking at this bus rolling away, feeling lonely like never before. Next time, you’ll take the tram.