Today we are releasing a new feature to increase your control on custom domains.

If you have one or more connected domains in your account you can add path aliases and redirect users based on routes, example:
Alias path: /get — to →
By visiting: you will be redirect to

You can add any redirect urls (not just 1link).

We have updated our analytics panel, thanks to our metabase integration you can get detailed analytics for your links, filter by short handle or time and export data in CSV / JSON / XLSX.
Here is an example of the dashboard:

Signup now:

We recently added a new default domain for every users: “ “, old and new links are already live, example:

Other updates:

After months of development, we are releasing our new serverless version, providing new features and a better service.

New Features:

  • Serverless infrastructure (scalable)
  • Custom domain support (e.g. or
  • Zapier integration
  • Improved link landing page (better UX and UI)
  • Improved redirect process (improved deep linking)
  • New 1LINK.IO landing page
  • Improved dashboard (better UI)
  • You can manually refresh your landing page (from your dashboard), icons and colors will be updated
  • Integration (Official SaaS reseller)
  • New pricing and limits

“Deprecated” features:

  • Guest users (now you need an account to create links), if you have previously created a link…


Simplify the access to your app providing one short link, users will be automatically redirected based on your settings — w/ analytics

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