Making A Sales Pitch-How To Get People To Remember You

Yesterday I took a break from internet surfing and writing and went for a walk around the college campus.

After I ate lunch I saw a guy standing by a table set up with flyers and information. When I walked by I made eye contact with him and he started talking to me.

He told me about the college he was representing — The University of Merced and asked me what my major was. I said I wasn’t interested in a degree. I was there to get a couple computer tech certificates and move on.

He gave me some sales pitch about a college degree showing work ethic and how it was important. I tried to walk around him a couple times. He got in my way, and stood there giving me the same sales pitch.

I finally told him I was almost 50 years old, my sons and daughter were probably older than him. I also asked him why he was talking to me when I tried to walk away two times. He said he was there to recruit people who were interested in going to the college he was representing.

I thought he was going to give me another sales pitch! I told him as politely as I could I wasn’t interested and asked him not to get in my way again. He said if I changed my mind he was there every Wednesday.

This guy just wouldn’t give up. He started talking to me and tried to give me advice because I made eye contact with him. I thought he was rude!

Today I realize I saw more than 1000 people yesterday — riding the bus, downtown, and at the college campus. He’s really the only one I remember anything about, and his sales pitch about a college degree showing your work ethic is what I remember about yesterday.

Maybe if you have something important to say you have to be a little rude, or at least stand out a little so people remember you.

I don’t know if I’ll actually work on getting a degree or just get computer tech certified. I do know I’m going to remember what this young man said to me.

Maybe That’s What Influence Is.

Written By Mark Blevins

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