It’s raining in London today.

As I rushed out of the house this morning, I quickly grabbed the first umbrella I could find.

Unfortunately the one I picked up was both ugly and very much not my style.

This didn’t seem a big deal until later when I went to get lunch and realised what it looked like in the daylight. I started to formulate a response to the fictitious, smart, sarcastic comment - “nice umbrella” - that was surely going to come my way.

The best response I could come up with for this was - “well it works”. Putting aside the self-confidence issues of thinking this scenario through in my head, what was really clear was how much this response fits my design outlook.

“Well it works”

I love beautiful design. It makes a big difference when designs look good. However, the first thing a design should do is work. If it doesn’t, no amount of beautifying will help. You will end up with a unhappy, frustrated user.

Beautify for sure, but make sure it works first.

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