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Will filing chapter 7 bankruptcy affect the amount of my tax refund?

Will I have to fill out any other additional tax forms because of my filing of Bankruptcy??

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Is there a credit report that is actually free?
Looking for a Loan with bad credit.?

Life after bankruptcy?

hi guys, how soon do you think i can buy a new (slightly used) car after bankruptcy (foreclosure)? do they charge heavy insurance… like up to what percent? down payment etc. thanks….

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Hi guys……i just finished getting myself out of debt. I’m all paid off! I would really like a new car, my current car is starting to fall apart. I was thinking of going to my credit union and asking for…

How do I find a great apartment with bad credit?

My boyfriend and I are looking to find a place ASAP in the downtown Chicago area. We have lived together in an apartment for the past 3 years in Old Town. We are looking for a newer, more upgraded place. We have a combined income of $100,000+ and our bills are fairly low. We can definitely afford to spend $1600 or more for rent. The problem is, nearly all places expect to see a credit report. Neither my boyfriend or I have very good credit. I ran into problems with…

Is it better to buy a house before or after bankruptcy?

we are filing bankruptcy on just our credit cards, we are not in that big of a crunch, we just can never get ahead because of the cc that my husband had before we got married… Our lawyer advised us to go ahead and buy the house we want now, because after bankruptcy it could be a while before we got a home loan with the intrest rate we will get now… Any input??

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I am owed money by a franchised tutoring company that declared bankruptcy?

I am a student who was employed at a franchised tutoring company for approximately a month. I received one paycheck from them without issue. I went there one day to tutor and the center was evicted. I can get a hold of the owner, but he has informed me that there head office will pay me my owed salary. I contacted them and they say that it is my responsibility and that they aren’t liable. Head office says this may change if the owners sign a form limiting…

How much will the precentage rate for a used vehicle be with someone with poor credit? Approx.?

We have ours lawyers ok

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What percentage of americans have filed bankruptcy?

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Should i pay out my debt agreement or declare bankruptcy ?
I have entered into a Debt Agreement just under 2 years ago…..I have been paying just under $800 per month since then. My marriage has fallen apart and we are going to sell our house…should I pay out the Debt Agreement or keep the money and declare bankrupt? If I pay out the debt agreement I…

Let it forclose or file bankruptcy??

Our house in in forcloseure right now, we bought it in march 2006. the names on the hosue are my husband and his sisters husband. they are getting divorced now, he decided to stop paying his half, we cannot afford it. we stopped paying in August 2007. we tried to refinance to take him off but he would not sign it! now forclosure is starting…… we dont know what is going to happen, we still owe like 470,000 on the loan. we tried to sell, it was on the market for about 6 months…

How will filing for bankruptcy affect my tax return?

Will I have to declare my bankruptcy on my taxes? Is it counted as income?

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Can i take out a payday loan in washington if i already have one in oregon?
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I need to know how long before you can refile chapter 7 bankruptcy after you been discharged?

We have been told 8 years and 7 years please help

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What type of professional would be able to answer my questions and help with with a road map in terms of the order in which I should accomplish a couple of goals including: 1…

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