“…Trump told Holt that “when I decided to do it, I said to myself… this Russia thing with Trump and…

I don’t see this as a Democrats vs. Republicans issue — mostly because Trump is neither a Dem or a Rep. He is the adopted kid of the Republicans, and they are rightfully still squirming and probably sometimes regretting signing those adoption papers.

Watergate didn’t target Nixon at first either, but he didn’t help his case by trying to interfere with the investigation.

There is uncontested proof that Russia did meddle in our elections. For that reason alone, this whole thing needs to go forward. An independent special investigator would be the best solution for moving forward on this to reduce the politicization of the process. If DT is truly innocent and interested in getting to the bottom of this, he should be promoting this solution, and should welcome being absolved of any crime.

Perhaps we will find that Russia colluded with NO ONE, and just messed around with us like a cat with a toy. A terrifying — and in my opinion, unlikely notion.

Who knows where this will lead, and all the bluster around Comey certainly doesn’t help to do anything but muddy the waters further around this issue. At this point, it seems that Comey’s firing was simply more of DT throwing his weight around and sending a message to everyone that he is in charge. He still, somehow, is under the impression that he is the CEO of America and can fire people without scrutiny, like his reality TV show. AND this is also a way for him to make sure his name is in all the news feeds all day and all night, because there is nothing he craves/needs more than more attention. He is a bottomless pit.

My personal feelings about this whole thing is that there is enough of a stench around this whole thing that it seems pretty obvious to me that something went down between Russia and DT’s team. The obvious chumminess DT shows to Putin and toward Russia doesn’t quell any suspicions either.