Persecution Envy
Sarah Cooper

I refer to it as “competitive suffering” or the national victim mentality. Somehow, we as Americans, equate being seen as downtrodden with being the most worthy of pity and support. It is a race to see who can drop down and occupy the victim position first, which is really the position of “power”. We have become a nation of whiners and professional victims, and we have NO IDEA what real suffering is. The best example of this is Donald Trump. He is always proclaiming that he is being persecuted and that he is a victim while at the same time he relentlessly persecutes anyone who stands in his way. He is an aggressive bully who is known for destroying careers and businesses, but publicly acts like he is wrongfully being attacked. Such a joke. He hasn’t suffered for anything in his entire life. He is the poster child for playing the national victim, and his followers identify with that because they feel like they too have been wrongfully attacked, and they vehemently protect him. Poor Donald.