“I don’t see this as a Democrats vs.

Sorry, your long reply is appreciated because you obviously took the time to think and respond — and I do appreciate that — but I still do not see Russian interference in our country’s processes as a partisan issue, despite the fact that there has been much partisan outcry about it.

I am an independent voter. I do not — and never will — assign my allegiance to any party, preferring instead to align myself with those individuals who can show me at least a little integrity, competency and loads of humility. So while you refer to “Koolaid-drinking-…..” nobody who truly knows me would agree with you. I am not cheerleading for the left or the right.

However, having said that, I certainly do not cheerlead for DT either. With regard to my search for integrity and humility, I certainly do not find a molecule of it in DT. For me, character is everything. I experience him as a braggart, entitled and lacking any humility, introspection or empathy. I also do not buy into the idea that he is a good leader because he doesn’t set the good example with his words and conduct that so many great leaders that I know do.

As far as Dems attacking and the left-leaning media, all that other stuff you sling about, it is clear which side you are on. I realize that the narrative for each side is very specific with its targeting (the infowars are real, big data is in play, and the “media” is getting watered down on both sides with innuendo and propoganda to feed to its base), and that one can easily get caught up in the hype and contempt generated by either side (let’s not forget that the Reps promulgated very bad and misinformed press for Obama too. There are many people who are heavily invested on both sides into securing victory of power. This is not anything new. I find it exhausting. It’s like children arguing in the back seat of a car).

My contention is that dissention is fine when it comes to politics, but as long as we treat each other like hated enemies, amping up and fueling the language and narrative that we are fed, we become puppets and spend all our energy on this division, and never stand a chance of overcoming our difficulties as a country.

Again, I appreciate your thoughtful response. It is refreshing, however, let go of the name-calling because that — like all the same crap going on on the other side — just makes your opposition dig in and put up their dukes.