Battle of the Defenses

The final game in Week 7 is the Monday Night Football tilt between the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos. Coming into the season, it seems as though both teams are performing about as expected, however it has been on the back of strong defenses for both, as opposed to their offense.

The Houston Texans made splashy offseason moves by signing QB Brock Osweiler (30pts) and Lamar Miller (30pts). Osweiler has been a little bit of a disappointment throwing the ball, and this has reflected in the production of WR DeAndre Hopkins (20pts) and rookie Will Fuller V (20pts). Recently, one of Osweiler’s favorite targets has been TE C.J. Fiedorowicz (20pts) who has seen a lot of action in the red zone. On the ground, Lamar Miller (30pts) is coming off the best game of the season but faces a tough test against the stout Denver defense this week. Value can be found with the Texans and WR Braxton Miller (10pts) who could see some targets come his way as the defense focuses on Hopkins and Fuller.

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The Denver Broncos handed the keys to the defending Super Bowl Champion offense to QB Trevor Siemian (30pts), and essentially asked him to not mess things up and allow the defense to continue to dominate. Siemian has done just that, and has spread the ball around to WRs Emmanuel Sanders (25pts) and Demaryius Thomas (25pts). On the ground, which could prove an essential aspect of this game as they look to control the pace of the game, is the production of C.J. Anderson (25pts). Anderson is not the only one to keep an eye on, as backup Devontae Booker (20pts) has seen an increased role. If you’re looking to spend the last couple points on the Broncos, consider taking a flyer on TE John Phillips (10pts) who has seen a couple targets in the red zone, which could set him apart from other 10-point players.

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With the caliber of the two defenses featured in this game, as well as the ineptitude of the offenses, this could prove to be a low scoring game, which depending on what you look for in a game, could make it either boring or exciting. Consider signing up for free single game fantasy football with 1nDun to add some excitement to the game. You have the option to start your own private game and play with people you actually know, unlike some other sites. Head on over to to sign up for free!