How to Install Office 365 on Windows 10?
Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Microsoft Office 365 is frequently called as Office 365 or Microsoft 365; it’s a Web-based service of the Microsoft’s Office package which is only for the enterprise-grade productivity applications. However, Office 365 is delivered to the users via the cloud service, it includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online collaboration for the integrated communications, and a complete suite of Office Web Applications, and it’s a Web-based version of the regular Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Office 365 suites were successfully designed to replace Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite which is only available for the commercial users. Microsoft Office 365 refers to subscription plans that comprise of access to the Office applications with few other productivity software or also some services which allowed over the Internet. It’s a productivity application tool which is designed and developed by the Microsoft Corporation.

Best Features of Microsoft Office 365

The Office 365 offers multiple of new features to complete needs of the home, commercial and business users. It also provides several plans to their existing as well as new users.

Though, if you are new Office 365 subscriber, then you might be searching forward for installing it on your system. Or if you are using Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2016, and facing any problem or issues in installing, then here we provide you complete step guide, by following the mentioned steps you can easily install the office 365 on your system. To avoid the problem and issue, follow the steps in the given sequence so that it also saves you much time and efforts.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office 365 on Windows 10

For installing the Office 365 on Windows 10, you need to follow the given instructions. The Microsoft Office 365 includes MS. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, OneNote, and also Outlook applications.

Getting the Microsoft Office on Windows 10 is not complicated, only if you are using Microsoft account which linked to an Office 365 subscription plan.

Check-out installation process at a glance:

After successful completion of installation process, you need to open any Microsoft Office application in your system and enter the 25 characters alpha-numeric activation product key/code. It is provided during the time of purchasing via email or backside of the CD/DVD, to activate the Microsoft Office Preview.

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