This Is Your Moment — Take It By Faith

This Is Your Moment — Take It By Faith: 1onOne w/ Damon Davis

There are times in everyone’s life where you just feel stuck, but when you move by faith, incredible things happen!

Life is firmly in the mediocre lane. Maybe you’re struggling with finances, or your relationships, or your health. Have you settled for living a less than extraordinary life?

Pastor Edward Kirkpatrick of the Abundant Life Church shared the tools to seeing the manifestation of God’s presence in our heath, finances, and relationships when he joined me in the 1onOne studio.

He’s written an incredible book called Divine Healing Now! In it, Pastor Kirkpatrick walks readers through the methods, strategies, and steps to take to achieve a breakthrough in understanding how to receive God’s healing powers. It’s an easy read with audio and DVD components to help readers know what Divine Power really is!

Now, I know I keep using to word “breakthrough,” but I want you to understand that a breakthrough isn’t always a forceful event. It doesn’t have to be a struggle — you with a sledgehammer tearing down walls — breakthrough can simply be understanding what God deems possible for you in your life!

There’s no way I could capture all Pastor Kirkpatrick shared with me in his time on the show, but I want to hit the highlights.

What’s holding us back?

  • Not understanding God’s Will! Hosea 4:6 says, “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” God wants so much for all of us, but we settle, accepting our situations and problems for what they are.
  • Lack of expectation. Expectation breeds manifestation. We have to EXPECT an encounter with God to set the stage for experiencing His supernatural presence in our lives.
  • Unbelief. Past experiences and failures cloud our perception of God’s power in our lives. Focusing on past mistakes can’t prepare you for a present tense miracle!

Here’s the takeaway: Stop putting your faith in the past or in the future. Our faith is the connector between us and a supernatural experience with God’s presence! And here’s the thing — we already have the necessary faith to experience God’s power to get us out of a powerless existence.

Divine Healing Now! tells us what we need to prepare step-by-step for the arrival of our destiny moment. I urge you to view the full 1onOne episode with Pastor Kirkpatrick and me. Then, I hope you’ll take the first step to becoming exceptional by picking up a copy of the bundle and start your journey of bringing your faith to life and connecting with God’s healing powers. It’s time to move from ordinary to extraordinary!

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