The day of constant noise winds up fast & gives it’s way to silence,
I already have begun to contemplate the coming week(s) in office
For this is the time for the bosses to rally their troops.
The holiday sales as they say come close and with it the big bonus, promotion and similar hopes.
Bosses rally around to take credit for the good work & look sideways when their webpage says “please bear with us, OOPS”
The PR would limit the damage & credit it to how we create a huge demand,
insiders, us, would know Mr boss will have to offer his head and hand.
But wait, Sundays aren’t meant to be for this,
lest of all this one, supposedly one with light, family & bliss.
These kids of our rich neighborhood are up in arms for crackers since morning,
Their dads will of course won’t mind as it is only a tiny fraction of their earning.
As I spent this one like all of the last seven,
To put it bluntly, each lonelier than the previous one.
Oh boy past few months have had its share,
Of tickets, travel, fatter checks, and ahem !! well let’s say confused emotions.
Who do we turn to in case of such ambiguity and questions ?
May be a close friend, the ones who accompany and support you everywhere,
At the same time who would never tire of cracking same old jokes about your ear.
My friend, she doesn’t mind hearing all the lousy thoughts,
She also bears reading those often unnecessary words of , admittedly, not so sound taste.
Some time we do face-time over our personal, super fast network,
Well our time table does always match owing to similar nature of work.
Our voice calls are often late in night when everyone is asleep,
Actually, often we have traveled together on a solo trip.
We have talked in quiet spaces of buses and airport lounges,
Most recently on some really dingy train platforms and coaches.
She helps me out in second guessing about people, words & actions,
We often cook some crazy stories, dialogues worthy of third grade fictions.
Unfortunately she would accompany me all the times,
She will lend no ear for any of my solitary yearnings.
There is no escape from her strict and constant vigil,
For all her support and help, she is often full of twisted intentions and guile.
It is hard for me to shake her off, for she is not exactly material or real,
Oh conscience, thou art mine, why you sometimes so dark and evil?

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