JOY !!

It had been a while since we met as we were so caught up in life in different cities,
but as you grow old you realize catching up isn’t a burden but a necessity.
A late evening dinner finally happened at the place where we were supposed to meet once,
Plan for our meet was a nice lunch or dinner, worst case what kids call these days brunch.

I guess my crazy heart had a scheme of its own,
but was afraid and anxious to admit as if you were some pathetic judgemental unknown.
hours passed by, actually a couple amongst talks of your new job & career,
essentially the topics I exactly wanted to steer clear.
Half past nine you said its time to go with a customary see you later goodbye,
I thought it would be too rushed now to express & chose to hide.

But next morning keeping in mind that you are so hard to get at,
I was wondering what would be an easy way to communicate?
Then of course it was a text with slight motivation from a certain Zimmer’s song,
I would admit your follow up question had me thinking for so long.
Why O Why? If ever there is an answer to that in human life,
perhaps that is why many such quotes adorn our social timelines.
Long wait to finally see you again was weird & full of nerves,
a wait further elongated by obnoxious friends, religious holidays & corporates.

As ever you came albeit slightly late, place was fancy so was the view of the great city,
but the wait was totally worth it,
Though I was not impressed by their music,
or the chair and lack of space for two of us to sit in it.

Oh boy past couple of months have been whirlwind and crazy,
all the way from vegas strip to the beach Serenity.
But embarrassingly I am kinda hooked on to this feeling,
which has led to me ponder if this all is a weakness and just an excuse for complaining?

Do you remember the email thing we tried?
I guess you were too occupied.
Or one of another recent failed meeting,
followed by a bit or lot of me ranting?
Heart and expectations, them crazy lot, at times paints you either a crony or fake,
they force me to think, was it, all of it, a beautiful mistake?

“It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want something badly enough, it is your God-given right to have it.” — Jon Krakauer

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