Mind ! why do you look within,
do you seek pleasure in all the bitter sweet things you remind.
Those railway platforms, long queues and summers of middle class desires,
playing cards while making you own rule for the games.
Grass laden cricket pitches, worn down tennis balls and made up wickets,
Movies in the theatre with large screen but broken chairs and no fan or toilets.
Fist fights in the street to knowing an almost dangerous gang,
Feeling first tinge of maturity with my favorite schooltime song.
That first book fair with free student passes,
And the exquisite touch of an expensive Encylopedia Britannica on your bare hands.
From the silly and forced song and dance routines in innocent age,
To essay writing competitions of teenage.
Dreading the preparation of speeches of school assembly,
Prepare well for the exams and not so smart ones would treat you royally.
The first crush of that biology paper,
Sometimes I do wonder would I have made a good doctor.
The first nights away from home on your own,
Trying to be friends with people who do not belong.
Love, hate, politics all you see first hand which makes you wonder,
Weren’t the same people very nice, polite and tender.
The realities of life and you regret could things have been just different or right,
I guess its okay for few things if you let go of your ego and fight.
A call would not have hurt,
For you do not speak evil of those who have fallen though not worth.
Those rare ocassions of crying in the corner and being told its gonna be okay,
The thing which I hate the most till this day.
The travels of life bring living to dead,
And you learn grass is always greener on the other side but take what is available now instead.
What is it with complexities of life and us misfit clowns,
Though the mighty discovered language to communicate but it always let you down.
Words often fail to express things which tend to get buried deep but are so brittle,
Amen Jack!! one day we will find the right words, and they will be simple.

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