So Facebook hurts, or at least make a fool of you. Suddenly those bloody old photos re surface. And then we wonder why we were so silly those days. And my mother… it was expected but still ridiculous. Anger, laughter and shame at the same time. But again life is a learning curve. Of learning and growing, so that you do not look and feel silly again. It was not that bad. I mean school and in a small town, you are pretty down to earth or may be even below it. Simpler times, happier times. Bit of a banter among friend and then FB hide policy and forceful removal came to my rescue.

But there are more and I wish now that I had hidden them. Now I am so far away from home and PC that I cannot do anything. But photographs are a nice way to remind you of your past. Of childhood and school. College. But what about those old photo albums. They are there is our closet but I think I have not seen them in last 4–5 years. SO why this exercise in futility. I mean yes they are a good and nice reminder of some memories but what if they are not reminded by people at all. Why waste so much resources and time preserving something which will not be utilised a lot.

Same as 98% of people we come to know in our lives. May be even more. So we act nice to each other. We get in touch. Next we talk of being in touch in future. Share life. Blah Blah. But what comes out of it. Another of those exercises of futility in life like those senseless promises of being in touch, round earth and destiny decreasing distances amongst us, and now there are terms like Besties, and BFFs and what not. Futility it surely is. I mean it is not that bad. May be temporariness of these “being in touch” people is the silver lining. It makes you happy when you get reminded of them. Even the sadness of any mistakes or guilt makes you feel the need to improve. But then 2 %. What of them. May be for me I would say 1 %. But life is calm around the smaller number. That number is built up of people who do not claim. They hover around your life despite not being physically there. They are metaphorical “Men”. That 1 % will be busy in their lives. There will be distances but you will not feel it. May be we separated our ways a long time back, but it would feel just like yesterday. So I think the exercise is not futile. It has meaning. Meet a lot of people. Try to know them. Better be alarmed to not fall in traps like feelings et al. Then do judge them. Because if you are not judging, you are surely living it wrong. If you do not do it consciously, your unconscious will make sure that you do it. Then you arrive at the smaller number. The miniscule percentage which defines you. Not the exercise in futility of larger set. And I keep my number short. Shorter than most. And maybe that’s how I define me and there is a sense of victory in that. Managing a distance and still able to feel the closeness (albeit on very few occasions).

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