Do you think WeChat can overtake Facebook and become the dominant mobile platform for the world?
Everything you ever wanted to know about WeChat
Jessie Chen

We should hope not because using WeChat means dealing with the devil. I wonder why Facebook, Twitter, and Google/YouTube aren’t more popular in China? Oh, that’s right, they’re dangerous and rightfully blocked. The Chinese regime uses WeChat as both a carrot (nice features) and a stick (we’re watching you and your fate is in our hands) to strike fear in anyone who might think about exercising free speech.

Unfortunately, surveillance and censorship is only getting worse in China. This year the Chinese regime mandated internet companies to store at least the last six months of their users' data to help distribute the burden of surveillance. Media companies are no longer allowed to operate in China unless they form a joint venture with a sanctioned mouthpiece.

While WeChat is no doubt a well-designed piece of software, more importantly it’s a powerful weapon for a paranoid, delusional, and dangerous regime that can be wielded against any and all of its users.

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