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Having said that, in recent years, the gaming market in Vietnam has been developing strongly and increasingly firmly. Thanks to the efforts of the Vietnamese NPH continuously to produce or bring home the game quality products. On the other hand, thanks to foreign NPH games have seen the potential of the Vietnamese game market without ceasing to invest as well as favor us.

Evidence that recently there are many products are foreign NPH won a Vietnamese version for the country gamer to participate in the experience. And most recently, it’s the superhero role-playing game from Korea called Phantom Chaser. This is a highly addictive, immersive mobile game developed by independent game company Floppy Games.

In Vietnam market, Phantom Chaser will have the Vietnamese name as Ghost Hunters. This is a rare fantasy game set in a fictional setting that brings together all the legendary Ghost figures from all over the world in an ingenious storyline embedded in an in-depth storyline, accompanied by gameplay. free and full of freedom.

The first advantage that gamers can immediately feel about Phantom Chaser is the amazing 3D graphics platform. The top-of-the-line graphics quality of the game has been proven to excel at winning the “Best Graphics” award at the Unity Korea Award 2017.

It can be said, Floppy Games was very feat to build each ghost character in the game. You will easily recognize the Dracula, Frankenstein, Succubus of the West, the god Anubis of Greek civilization; or even the Great Loves Lovers of Chinese legend … There will be up to 130 Ghosts in the game for you to collect in your squad, these warriors are designed to create stylized. Very attractive but still not lose the inherent characteristics.

In terms of gameplay, Phantom Chaser allows the player to control a free character, even moving from melee to ranged combat, or instead of attacking only concentrating fire to destroy a target. the enemy … create a play style is really flexible and new.

In addition, the game also brings a symbolic feature of the game called “Mimic”. The simulated ghosts will appear under your character, but are capable of performing any simulation skills that you do not possess. This mode enhances the tactics of the player and enriches the gameplay with the unique abilities of the character.

Phantom Chaser will support up to 7 languages ​​including English, German, French, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean and especially Vietnamese. The game is currently open for subscribers who want to hunt for in-game gifts.

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