Download Survivor Royale APK Mod lastest

Survivor Royale is a mobile survival game created by NetEase. The game is considered to be the most common game with PUBG today. Current Survivor Royale has been widely released on iOS and Android. Android has just arrived in South America Brasil.

The actual Survivor Royale is Wilderness Action. And step into the Brazilian market on the Android system, the game is named new name is Survivor Royale. Just like Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale promises to deliver a true, life-like experience for life-like gamers.

NetEase ‘s Survivor Royale allows for a maximum of 100 combatants in a match, the equivalent of PUBG on a PC. 3D graphics and space map, Survivor Royale will attract more players after this new test.

Survivor Royale is fascinated by the quality of graphics, the fascinating gameplay that many creativity and the new survival challenges. Interested readers can download the game at the link below.


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