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Canadian’s health organisations and environment union has been urging the country to stop utilizing thermal paper receipt as it has been coated with bisphenol-A (BPA), a toxic and disruptive chemical that causes serious harm to the human body.

During a joint statement on 20th August 2019, Environmental Defence Canada (EDC), Breast Cancer Action Quebec, Mind the Store, and the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada subjected paper receipt as a highly potential dangerous substance. The chemicals can be transferred through skin obstruction for a long period of time by holding and touching the receipt. BPA might not directly cause illness, but it serves as a drive for the diseases to spread quicker. …

The California Government has recently considering to ban paper receipt to protect the state’s environment.

The California Government is considering to implement a new law to ban all stores and restaurants’ paper receipt. Part of the state’s legislation in contributing to deal with water pollution and environmental waste. Under Assembly Bill 161 by Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), businesses can print paper receipt only when the customers specifically request one.

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According to the Green America study, an environmental advocacy group demonstrated that 34 billion liters of water and 3 million trees were consumed to produce paper receipts in the United States every year. Thus, generating more than 150 million kilograms of waste. The California State is aware of this situation and started to apply the legislation to the region. …

Email Receipt, Capture Receipt & 1receipt®

Email Receipt

E-receipts are sent through emails after customers made a purchase decision. The simplest purpose of this digital receipt type is to store transaction record. Email receipts can easily be found for tax purposes, tracking and proof of expenses for the report. They also make customers feel secure that the transaction has completed properly with no faults.

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This type of digital receipt is often promoted as a paperless technique for the company to reduce expenses and protect the environment. Apple was one of the first organisation adopting E-receipts in 2005. …

Identity and cultural model for business to be sustainable

A growing number of companies consider sustainability as the necessary strategies to be competitive. “High sustainability” business adopted ethical environment and political policies have outperformed those underestimate the strategy with 4.2% higher in stock market performance (Eccles, Perkins & Serafeim, 2012). Thus, it is not surprising why businesses start to adopt environmental and social strategies to enhance financial performance.

Before executing and formulating sustainable strategies, businesses must ask themselves:

How will I establish sustainability into my business’s value and process?

What are the sustainability crucial elements I need to consider to stand out from the traditional business?

Eccles, Perkins & Serafeim (2012) had formulated an identity and cultural model comprising the two questions for businesses that are new to the “sustainability” term. …

Attract thousands of eager new customers when you choose to go paperless with 1receipt®!

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Our Purposes

1receipt® is a revolutionary platform that offers digital receipt and removes all paper receipts. The startup company is technology-based and currently operating in one branch in the Melbourne CBD. 1receipt’s practice provides a cost-efficient solution to paper receipts and an easy shopping experiences for customers. Its recognisable color is repeatedly used in its logo and website to refer to environment protection. Currently, 1receipt® focuses on delivering its product to Windows platform retailers.

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With 1receipt® you will speed up your checkout process & improve your customer experience with: ZERO hidden cost, ZERO environmental waste, and ZERO maintenances cost.


Went to your usual retail store and the assistant happened to ask for your contact details. The next you know is a receipt email was sent to your email account. This growing trend has started to take over the old traditional paper receipt method. Though digital receipts benefit customers, yet retailers are the real winners.

45% of the customers would like to experience the digital receipt system for an in-store purchase

First, let’s look at the current situation and what customers real desire. From an article written by Harris (2019), researchers found that 45% of the customers would like to experience the digital receipt system for an in-store purchase, while up to 64% are open to adopting this method without feeling hassling. …

Digital Receipt vs Paper Receipt

Paper receipts are produced from the printer as hard copies while digital receipts are issued to store in your digital devices. For face-to-face customers and online customers, digital receipts have outperformed traditional paper receipts in several ways. Have a look at this infographic.

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Receipts impact queuing efficiency

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Although there are many advantages for digital receipts, issuing paper receipts make the checkout process a bit faster compare to digital receipts. Customers only need to wait for a few seconds for the paper receipt to be printed out. …

Does that question sound familiar to you?

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It is 2019 and we are still using paper receipts to keep track of our spending or showing proof of purchase, when we need to claim a tax refund or return a faulty item.

But there are many downsides that worth to pay attention to. Here are some paper receipt facts that can encourage you to say “No, thank you!” whenever someone wants to print you a receipt:

  1. The environmental damage; Globally, over 8,500,000 trees cut every year only for paper receipts. That’s a massive negative impact on the environment by paper receipt production process.
  2. The hidden costs behind paper receipts; Retailers, around the globe, must spend millions of dollars on printing paper receipts and maintaining related equipment every day to generate paper receipts for their customers which ultimately go into waste. …



1receipt® is the first paperless platform for issuing, collecting and storing digital receipts.

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