1receipt®: Reduce Your Expenses & Save The Environment

Attract thousands of eager new customers when you choose to go paperless with 1receipt®!

Oct 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Our Purposes

1receipt® is a revolutionary platform that offers digital receipt and removes all paper receipts. The startup company is technology-based and currently operating in one branch in the Melbourne CBD. 1receipt’s practice provides a cost-efficient solution to paper receipts and an easy shopping experiences for customers. Its recognisable color is repeatedly used in its logo and website to refer to environment protection. Currently, 1receipt® focuses on delivering its product to Windows platform retailers.

With 1receipt® you will speed up your checkout process & improve your customer experience with: ZERO hidden cost, ZERO environmental waste, and ZERO maintenances cost.

Product Function

1receipt® is functioned through a software application and an exclusive barcode scanner “Pyramid™” which each retailer who registers with 1receipt will receive one or more Pyramid depends on the number of their checkout counter. When a customer makes a payment, instead of printing out a paper receipt in a traditional way, the customer will scan a barcode in the 1receipt® app in front of the Pyramid™.

The mobile application is now available to download on both iOS & Android.

1receipt: Smart. Costless. Paperless.

Why partner with us?

1. Our unique system allows you to go paperless when it comes to receipts

2. You have no longer to continuously purchase thermal paper rolls and ink cartridges for your printer, you can now save money and save the environment at the same time.

3. Our platform organises all of a shopper’s receipts in one universal place, which they can later access for their proof of purchase.

4. We want people to feel secure. With 1receipt®, shoppers don’t need to share any emails or phone numbers with retailers to get their receipts.

Interested to be a 1receipt partner shop? Register with 1receipt®.


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1receipt® is the first paperless platform for issuing, collecting and storing digital receipts.

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