“Would you like your receipt?”

Does that question sound familiar to you?

Sep 9, 2019 · 3 min read
A paper receipt is not as practical as you think

It is 2019 and we are still using paper receipts to keep track of our spending or showing proof of purchase, when we need to claim a tax refund or return a faulty item.

But there are many downsides that worth to pay attention to. Here are some paper receipt facts that can encourage you to say “No, thank you!” whenever someone wants to print you a receipt:

  1. The environmental damage; Globally, over 8,500,000 trees cut every year only for paper receipts. That’s a massive negative impact on the environment by paper receipt production process.
  2. The hidden costs behind paper receipts; Retailers, around the globe, must spend millions of dollars on printing paper receipts and maintaining related equipment every day to generate paper receipts for their customers which ultimately go into waste.
  3. Most of the paper receipts can’t be recycled; Recycling paper receipts (thermal receipt) releases more BPA into the air and contaminates groundwater system. Therefore, it is strongly suggested not to throw shopping paper receipts into the recycle bin.
  4. A paper receipt can cause health risks; Researchers from Michigan-based environmental non-profit The Ecology Center showed that touching thermal paper receipts could be harmful to health. They believe “employees who handle receipts or other thermal paper repeatedly in their jobs are at especially high risk”. In their study they found 93% of receipts contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS) which can cause cancer in the human body. “The negative effects of BPA on hormones, metabolism, and other bodily systems have been repeatedly demonstrated. BPS has emerged as a common and regrettable substitute, showing effects similar to BPA”.
  5. A paper receipt is not as practical as you think; By law, individuals and most of businesses in Australia, have to keep hard copies of their receipts for tax purposes till 5 years, while the maximum life span of a thermal receipt is only one year!
Thermal paper receipts could be making you sick

To make the long story short, over 90% of paper receipts ultimately go into bin without any utilisation.

What should we do now? Life without receipts or a new type of receipt? What about a “paperless” solution?

1receipt® is a novel platform for eliminating paper receipts and issuing, storing, retrieving and managing digital receipts through a smartphone app. Retailers will connect a small exclusive scanner device called “Pyramid™” to their existing cash register computer. The peripheral equipment operates without any change in their software or hardware and lets their shoppers transfer digital receipt to their 1receipt account by just scanning an exclusive barcode on their smartphone at checkout point.

For Shoppers:

  • No more mess on their receipts,
  • No need to share any personal information with the retailer,
  • Single platform for organising all their receipts,
  • Search, sort and filter features for a specific receipt.

For Retailers:

  • Around 70% cheaper than traditional paper printing system,
  • No more hidden cost for issuing a receipt,
  • Save the environment,
  • Better customer experience,
  • Attract more customers.

Don’t you think it’s time to switch to the digital receipt and save our Planet? Find a Smart, Inexpensive and Paperless solution. Try 1receipt.

More at www.1receipt.io

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1receipt® is the first paperless platform for issuing, collecting and storing digital receipts.

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