Ethereum Anonymizer: PRE-SALE

We were told that ether and markers can not be transferred anonymously!
We refuted these statements! 
Now holders of all ERC20 tokens or ether can become completely anonymous within the framework of the platform of the Etherium!
This is our first, but not the last project! Be with us and you will not regret!

We invite you to think about participating in our IСO!

Every day many new projects go to the ICO. Investors and analytical services are trying in various ways to assess their risks and opportunities, since most of them are fraudulent, and created only to raise funds.

Thus, investors should be sure that the development of the project, in which they invested, will go on white paper.
The presence of a working service is the main signal for the investor, which confirms the seriousness of our team’s intentions not to deviate from the declared “road map”.

It should also be taken into account that currently our service has no competitors in this segment of the market, and its relevance, against the background of the ban on participation in the ICO, in some countries, does not cause doubts.
Therefore, we can openly say that there are no risks associated with investing in our project.