Fortunate Day

You’re late. Heart pounding, you race up the stairs as the door of the train closes. People who were on time weave at you, as if you were going to the death tunnel. Next to you, other people dash towards other trains, throwing their body through the doorway to not have stand as a statue with you. You just missed your train, the next one is in twenty minutes, but it is already 8:15 and it takes you twenty to get to your first class. So you decide to hitch-hike, a couple of cars stop, asking money to lift you up, finally a car stops, but you refuse to get in because the car is full of huge black guys with tattoos all over them. While they try to talk you in, your train arrives. You race up the stairs, legs heavy and tired, as the door of the train closes, you start to cry and decide to go down to get into the car. The car is waiting for you with the door open. After you get in, and talk, you realize the people with you in the car are going to a master chess competition, and that your school is on their way.

When you get into the school, you hear the television in the secretary's office while you get your late pass. There were some breaking news: two train had crashed, killing all of the passenger in both trains. At first you were shocked, but then you fell and started crying your eyes out because the two trains were the ones you were supposed to take, the ones you had missed.