The Thing Around Your Neck — short story

The Thing Around Your Neck is a short story from the book The Thing Around Your Neck. This story is about the life of a Nigerian Woman who won the lottery to go to America and receive a green card. By going there she hopes to live a better life based on the stereotypes the people tell her. However, when she arrives there her uncle molests her and she eventually leaves his house. then she feels desperate knowing that her life does not lead to anywhere except working as a waitress at a restaurant, until she meets a man whose seems to like her. But at the beginning she rejects him and then regrets it immediately. After a few days they start to see each other more and more often until he invites her to his parents house, where she feels included and cared about. Overall the story is pessimistic as we read because of the multiple stereotypes which we come across and the feelings behind it.

In my opinion, the story is very interesting but not really the type I would choose to read because I do not really like the topic of international relations and politics overall, which the book is full off. Moreover this short story talks about the US and Nigeria, two countries I would not go and search information about for my knowledge. Finally, although the book and the short story are interesting they are not the type I would enjoy the most reading.