Wonders of the world

Having now eight different lists for the wonders of the world, the questions pops up to why we always use 7 as the number of places to include in a list of the wonders.

- Seven wonders of the solar system

- Seven wonders of the industrial world

- Seven wonders of the underwater world

- New seven wonders Cities

- New seven wonders of Nature

- New seven wonders of world

- Seven natural wonders of the world

- USA Today’s new seven wonders.

Why won’t we just call of them of them world’s wonders and continue adding on to it, as each wonder is created or found in a remote parts of the world such as on the Tristan de Cunha. Would it not make it much easier, instead of memorizing all of these different wonders and then trying to remember which one goes into which category? This much simpler organization of the different wonders would help organize everything and make it much easier to learn them, as you will not have to learn the different categories. However, this might seem like a paradox to certain individuals as by putting it all under one name, people might get confused and mix up the different wonders with each other. This will have created chaos in the minds of people and definitely discouraged them from learning anything further about it. Now like anarchy, this can have two different outcomes perfect organization or total chaos.