The Ultimate Deep Sleep Meditation

A Mind-Body Approach to Retrain Your Brain for Deep Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a living nightmare. The Ultimate Deep Sleep Experience is a powerful guided meditation that can help you achieve an exceptional good night’s sleep. It was designed to assist you in releasing the accumulated stress of your day and to quell the relentless mind chatter that prevents you from relaxing into a deep, sound, restful sleep. Sleep is Nature’s food for your soul. Quality sleep refuels and energizes every gland and organ in your body on a deep cellular level to enhance the quality of your life. Deep sleep promotes a robust body, a calm mind, an enthusiastic spirit, and makes you look and feel great again. Have a Good Night!

You don’t have to know how to meditate. Simply listen to and follow the guided directions. With consistent use, you will effortlessly glide through the 4-stages of sleep, re-establish a healthy sleeping habit, and feel great!

Please use headphones or earbuds for the best listening experience

The full meditation is available as an MP3 download and CD!

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“I’ve had trouble sleeping for more than 2-years. Like most of us, I can’t turn off my mind at bedtime. Last night I took time to try the Ultimate Deep Sleep Meditation. I didn’t toss or turn, as I usually, do, stressing about my day or what tomorrow might bring. Worries usually keep me awake, but with Demo’s meditation, for once I felt so peaceful, clear and sleepy. It was the first time in a very long time that I fell asleep so quickly. The ‘letting go’ track before the meditation must have signaled my body to relax deeply because once his soothing voice told me to lie down, I was immediately at ease, body and mind. Even when I awoke once during the night, I went back to sleep easily which is so foreign to me! I felt great when I woke up in the morning with energy for w.o.! I love this deep sleep meditation.”
~Genevieve Pitturo

“This CD is incredible! I struggle with sleep issues, falling asleep and staying asleep. However, when I listened to this The Ultimate Deep Sleep Experience, I fell into a deep sleep and continued a peaceful sleep throughout the night. Demo DiMartile’s voice provides a soothing, peaceful blanket of security. As I listened to him I was transported to a place where I felt completely safe and protected. Demo’s dulcet, hypnotic voice relaxed every muscle and nerve in my body. He is truly gifted in his healing abilities which are very powerful. I highly recommend this CD to anyone suffering with sleeping problems.”
~Carol Saposnick

“I’ve always found falling asleep to be difficult. My mind would wander through everything that I had done that day and everything that I wanted to do the next. The inability to fall asleep also lead to a lack of quality sleep. I would wake often throughout the night. After a couple weeks of trying Demo’s Ultimate Deep Sleep Meditation, I was able to relax before bedtime and fall asleep much easier. I also found my sleep to be more restful. Now I wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to start my day.”
~ Jackie M.